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Hey folks, this adventure has been updated and expanded! Check out The Forest Primordia to see all the fancy new upgrades. The original (the page you're on right now!) is now free so please enjoy both versions whenever you can ✌️

A brand new story-adventure awaits you! Try and survive this wild, nameless crystal sphere.  Eat godmeat! Party with Chaos Faeries! Run with a herd of rainbows!

MAIN STORY: The players are lost in the depths of the mirrormind skies, shipwrecked upon an uncharted forest world. Abandoned, hollowed-out spheres float above them, exquisite and doom-laden. 

SUPPORTING STORIES: The GM weaves multiple stories to create a vibrant, living world for the players to interact with:

  • A scheming devotee of Chaos gleefully willing to sacrifice anything to resurrect and long-forgotten god.
  • A village of dreamers and artisans living off the fat of that god's soulless shell of a body.
  • A cohort of mechanical knights whose faith has been eroded by their tedious, millennia-long vigil.
  • An intrepid doctor determined to experience the wildest aspects of the Omniverse.


  • The Village That Eats Its God Every Night - an idyllic place with a novel universal food security system.
  • The Forest Primordia - a lush, vibrant woodland full of slug spawns, reverse lightning, and drunken trees! 
  • The Deconstructed Ziggurat - a crumbling stronghold with secrets divine and somber.


  • A Hex Crawl
  • A Dungeon Crawl
  • 6 new backgrounds, including Mindseed Revelator and Pandemonic Splendorist
  • New enemies, including morose, mechanical knights, and a resurrected Chaos Lord!
  • All original art
  • A 5+ hour playlist to set the mood
  • Randomizers for Character Backstory, Chaos Portals, godmeat-induced dreams, and more!
  • 32 pages of science-fantasy adventure
  • One oversized, spiteful battery

The Deconstructed Zigguart & The Forest Primordia is an independent production by J. A. Kordosh and is not affiliated with the Melsonian Arts Council.


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Awesome! Great work!

Thanks so much!

Are you selling physical copies anywhere?

Hi! I'm working on releasing a physical copy in the fall. This will actually be an expanded version with new Backgrounds, spells, items, new art, etc. I will post about it on here and on my instagram when it gets closer to release. 

Brilliant! I might hold out for that, I feel that this is one I'd love to have a physical copy of.

hey there! the printed, expanded version will be available thru Exalted Funeral on November 26th. 52 pages, new Backgrounds, spells & items, lots of cool stuff! Hope you check it out!

Yesssss. I will definitely be purchasing a copy. Thanks for the heads up!

I already loved your artwork, and this is a prime quality cut of content! Awesome

thanks so much! v glad you dig it 



thank you!