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Awesome! Great work!

Thanks so much!

Are you selling physical copies anywhere?

Hi! I'm working on releasing a physical copy in the fall. This will actually be an expanded version with new Backgrounds, spells, items, new art, etc. I will post about it on here and on my instagram when it gets closer to release. 

Brilliant! I might hold out for that, I feel that this is one I'd love to have a physical copy of.

hey there! the printed, expanded version will be available thru Exalted Funeral on November 26th. 52 pages, new Backgrounds, spells & items, lots of cool stuff! Hope you check it out!

Yesssss. I will definitely be purchasing a copy. Thanks for the heads up!

I already loved your artwork, and this is a prime quality cut of content! Awesome

thanks so much! v glad you dig it 



thank you!